Building & Construction Disputes

Over the years, we have advised clients in the building and construction industry, whether in litigation or contractual matters.

Wang Liansheng

Wang Liansheng Partner Contact Liansheng Wang Liansheng is a Partner at BIH LI & LEE LLP.   Liansheng began practice with M/s Bih Li & Lee in 2014. His area of practice consists mainly commercial and matrimonial litigation, as well as corporate advisory work.   As counsel, Liansheng has represented clients in appeals, applications and …

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Julian Koh

Koh Zhen Yang, Julian Legal Associate Contact Julian Koh Zhen Yang, Julian is an Associate at BIH LI & LEE LLP.   Julian practices mainly family and matrimonial law and has been involved in:  Matrimonial proceedings including both contested and uncontested divorces; Ancillary matters proceedings involving the custody, care and control of and access to …

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Valerie Goh

Valerie Goh Legal Associate Contact Valerie Valerie Goh is an Associate at BIH LI & LEE LLP.   Valerie practises a wide range of litigation matters, including but not limited to contractual disputes, negligence, personal injury claims. She also practises family and matrimonial law (both contentious and non-contentious matters).   Valerie’s experience includes: Assisted on …

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